'Excellence for all. Excellence from all'

"Jesus is Immanuel - God with us". At Immanuel we are inspired by God's love for us. From this truth flows a community where each member is valued and therefore values one another. Children are secure, happy, learn and grow in their faith as they flourish in their journey to the fullness of life.

Head's WelcomeVISION & VALUES

  • "Children
    benefit from high-quality teaching"
    Ofsted 2015
  • "Pupils demonstrate
    exemplary attitudes towards their learning."
    Ofsted 2015
  • "Pupils say they
    enjoy learning because it is fun."
    Ofsted 2015

Prospective Parent Open Days


We will be holding open days on 4th, 14th, 22nd November at 09:00

Do phone our office on 020 8679 5005 to make an appointment.